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Members of G.I.F.T. are people with intellectual disability. The membership helps them in many ways. 


Residential Care


One of the main concerns of the intellectually disabled and their families is their care when their parents and families are unable to. The residential care is as close to a home environment as possible for the residents. 

Study Group


The Study Group is for intellectually disabled who are able to read and write and do most things for themselves. The Study Group meets once a fortnight for a session of activities and prayer. We  welcome new participants to attend free for the first time to see how they like it.


Companions Group


The Companions Group is for intellectually disabled who have more advanced disability and need more hands-on help. The Companions Group meets once a fortnight for a session of activities and prayer. We  welcome new participants to attend free for the first time to see how they like it.


Sacramental Preparation


G.I.F.T. encourages intellectually disabled to do Sacramental programmes in their parishes. However G.I.F.T. occasionally takes children through such programmes on special request. 




G.I.F.T. organises retreats on a biannual or annual basis for Study Groups, Companion Groups, Support Workers and non members who are intellectually disabled. 


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Become a Corporate Partner


Make a difference in the lives of G.I.F.T. members as a socially responsible Corporate. Some of the G.I.F.T. corporate benefactors include:​

Tourist attraction


A tourist attraction can set aside passes once or twice a year for G.I.F.T. members.

Holiday resort


A holiday resort can offer 2 weekends a year for the G.I.F.T.members. 



An airline can organise tickets once a year to a domestic or international destination.

Become a Volunteer


Volunteers are very important to the work of G.I.F.T. Charity volunteers help make events a success, while getting enriched with insights into humanitarian work at the same time.​

Helping a Study Group or a Companions Group


One can volunteer to support the Study Group and Companions Group by helping in the activities planned. These take place once a month and as a volunteer, you can volunteer for one to 12 sessions.

Supporting a weekend event/ trip


One can volunteer to support a weekend event or trip. These take place once a quarter and you can volunteer for one to 4 sessions.

Teaching music, art or crafts


As a talented musician or an artist, you can conduct special activities for G.I.F.T. members during one of Study Group or Companions Group sessions or as a special event.

Make a Donation


G.I.F.T. provides direct support and services to individuals and families affected by intellectual disabilities.


Help us to support people with intellectual disabilities so that they have access to the care and services they need to lead full and independent lives, to be respected and accepted as equal members of society, to receive the Sacraments as equal members of the Church.



Individuals and organisations can make a monetary donation with a safe and secure online payment system or by cheque to the G.I.F.T. Centre.




Donate a service or a product that would be of use to the G.I.F.T. Centre. For the list of products and services click here


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Jobs at G.I.F.T.


To support a special community, G.I.F.T. as an organisation has to meet all the guidelines of any business organisation. At the heart of the organisation are people who love to serve and we look for this special character in all our employees. Our latest openings include:​

Support worker


Support Worker with experience working with young adults with complex special needs. An opportunity to make a positive difference whilst having guaranteed hours and on-going professional development.


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